this is my attempt at a dream journal


okay okay so i remember just a part of this dream. it was dena, dena, stathis, swthrhs and moi and we were trying to find something or probably someone and we were following clues (para 5 lol). the last clue led us from a tiny antique shop to a supermarket where we discovered a hidden door that led to some rooms resembling a house. it was night and it might have been raining. we went inside the hidden house and found out that our suspect and a woman were staying there. we were snooping gathering info and for some reason we decided to just sleep there lol. we were getting ready for sleep when we noticed someone coming inside the house from the windows. dena and i decided to leave bc we were closer to the exit but the rest of them hid. he saw us right when we were behind the door and chased us asking us questions. in my hurry i wore my tshirt wrong so i was like sir we were here for personal reasons ;;;;) and he bought it but he tried to take a pic of us, so i flashed him my boobs and was like,, you better delete this before the police finds child pornography on ur phone, im 17. (which i was not) (a/n: literally wtf are these last two dreams, why jo) n e ways we managed to walk away and we went to our car but we found a panther outside and i somehow tamed him?? like i just petted him and we were buddies. the rest of the gang were still inside so we made the panther attack the house to disctract the man and the rest of them got away. we all went into one car (without masks) but left the panther there bc apparently they dont treat them right in pet shops.


omg weirdass dream alert SO i was on my phone and suddenly it was flooding with notifs like "jo dont be too upset" "try to stay calm" "we love you" etc etc so i was like tf are they on about??? turns out dena's ex aris the perv was livestreaming spying on a beach which was the one i had been this morning and he had seen me and proceeded to make inappropriate remarks about me. i was FURIOUS (and a bit vengeful) so i was like IM GONNA FILE A LAWSUIT BC IM 17 (i was in the dream) BC HIM DISTRIBUTING HALF NAKED IMAGES AND ADDING AUDIO IS CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. (damn i was pressed) yea anyways the rest of the dream i was in court and i won SUCK IT


happy new year!! i havent really been remembering my dreams lately but today i think i dreamt i was at uni or sth. hope i can remember more when im less sad


i think i saw a dream with edward and we were together AGAIN wtf. i really wanna jump his bones huh


dream 1: i was on vacay with dena and marianna and their bfs and MY bf apparently who was xrhstos katsaounhs who i havent seen in YEARS.
dream 2: i was on gntm with edward, andrea and my friend aleko apo thn larissa and it was super fun!! the challenge was to play in a natural waterpark where the photographers were hidden lololol. after the shoot we went home and i was play fighting with eddie when alekos barged in holding a hugeass bag of spinach! i hugged him and then we made spanakopita lol


so i was in larisa with jo and we leaving my house. it was about an hour b4 the train left and she called a cab but i hadnt finished cleaning yet so i was super stressed. however bc the taxi was there we had to go right that second. as we drove off towards the train station (which for some reason was towards the potami like wtf??) we were arguing and she stopped the taxi and went off tiwards the city center. anywho i arrived at the station and the waiting lounge was my house sthn panagitsa (once again wtf??) and to get to the trains u had to walk thru the house and to the back door. n e ways i had tried to get my tickets online b4 i reached the station but the site was all fucked up?? like sometimes it didnt exist, other times it just crashed or glitched or couldnt find my town, it was like super weird, so i went to get physical tickets from the front desk which for some reason was ON the train. so i got on the train trying to find it, passing thru ppl and it was on the last wagon. i asked the lady if that was were we get tickets bc i was trying to get them online and i couldnt so she got her pc out of her bag and tried to get me one but she checked sth and told me to get on the train and go so i asked how tf am i gonna do that without a ticket and she was like ur gonna get one


sex dream with doja cat. pretty good she was very dominant ;) hobi was there too for some reason lol


λοιπόν ήμασταν η μαμά ο μπαμπάς και εγώ στην Πάρο στο σπίτι μας και καλά αλλά ήταν λίγο διαφορετικό, τέλος πάντων θα περνούσαμε οπως συνήθως στις διακοπές καθόμασταν πηγαίναμε για μπάνιο θυμάμαι ότι είχαμε περάσει και από μία φάρμα και επίσης θυμάμαι ότι διάβαζα. είχαμε κανονίσει να έρθει η φίλη της μαμάς η κυρία Βάσω να διαβάσουμε και οι τρεις μαζί και δεν ξέρω γιατί αλλά για κάποιο λόγο εγώ εκείνο το βράδυ έφυγα δεν ξέρω άμα είχα βγει ή άμα είχα πάει κάπου αλλού απλώς έφυγα και με ειδα να γυρίζω κανονικά και υπάρχει ένα περίεργο shift στο όνειρο πού εγώ εκείνη τη στιγμή σαν να νιώθω ή βλέπω εμένα πεθαμένη σε μία χωματερή αλλά συνεχίζω να περπατάω προς το σπίτι. εν τω μεταξύ ήταν νύχτα okay δηλαδή ήταν σκοτεινά αλλά είχε φώτα και τώρα λίγο πριν φτάσω στο σπίτι μας (το οποίο σπίτι μας ήτανε διόροφο και στον ιδιο όροφο υπήρχε άλλο ένα διαμέρισμα) ήταν ένα άλλο σπίτι που ήτανε του κυρίου Κώστα του καθηγητή μου της φυσικής και ακούγεται από το σπίτι μου ένα τηλέφωνο το οποίο δεν του απαντάει κανείς και ακούω τον κύριο Κώστα από το σπίτι του να λέει από μέσα του 'τέτοια ώρα ο κυριος Χριστόφορος θα κοιμάται πρέπει να δω εγώ' και ακούω να παίρνει τηλέφωνο. δεν άκουσα τι είπε αλλά νομίζω κατάλαβα ότι κάτι ειχε να κάνει με μένα. τέλος πάντων πάω σπίτι και είχαμε μία πύλη μπροστά από το σπίτι και έχει και την ώρα με μεγάλα ψηφιακά κόκκινα γράμματα και έλεγε 6.49. χτυπάω το κουδούνι και το κουδούνι ακούγεται και μου ανοίγουν και μπαίνω μέσα και ανεβαίνω τα σκαλιά προς το το σπίτι μας και όταν φτάνω στο διάδρομο ήταν η πόρτα του άλλου σπιτιού ανοιχτή που ήταν περίεργο αλλά δεν έδωσα σημασία. μετά μπαίνω στο σπίτι και μαλλον ο μπαμπάς κοιμόταν αλλά η μαμά ήταν εκεί και με κατάλαβε και μου μίλησε και για κάποιο για κάποιο διάστημα όλα ήταν κανονικά. πάω στο δωμάτιό μου και εκεί μου είχαν κρυφτει η κυρία Βάσω και η κυρία Τέτα, η οποια είχε έρθει για κάποιο λόγο. και έτσι όπως χαιρετιόμαστε πάω και κάθομαι λίγο στο κρεβάτι και ξανά νιώθω αυτό το shift και κοιταω τη μαμά και της λέω αυτό δεν είναι αληθινό ε και με κοιτάει και τώρα το shift γίνεται ακόμα πιο έντονο και μου λέει ναι και έτσι όπως είμαι στο κρεβάτι της λεω Έλα εδώ και έρχεται, ξαπλώνει και την αγκαλιαζω και δεν ήξερα άμα με ένιωθα γιατί είμαι πεθαμένη και μιλούσαμε λίγο και εγώ την αγκαλιάζω πολύ σφιχτά και φωνάζω δυνατά για να είμαι σίγουρη ότι θα με ακούσει και εκεί που μιλούσαμε μου λέει ναι μας πήρανε τηλέφωνο αγάπη μου σε βρήκανε και μου χάιδευε τα μαλλια και λεει οτι ειχα γεννηθει στην Παρο, οποτε την ρωτησα αμα θα με θαψουν εκει και μου ειπε μαλλον, και οσο μιλουσαμε δεν ημουν σιγουρη οτι με ακουγε η με ενοιωθε οποτε ολο την εσφιγγα και ολο φωναζα δυνατα και καποια στιγμη μου λεει ηρεμησε αγαπη μου μαζι σου ειμαι και εκει ηρεμησα. της ειπα ποσο την αγαπω, να το πει και στον μπαμπα και ενοιωθα οτι εφευγα και της ειπα μην με ξεχασεις ποτε. oof


creep ass dream. my bro and two of his accomplices killed and violated 5 women and brought them in our house. i was trying to get to know them so i could turn them in to the police bc i didnt know their names. very weird dream.


i saw a dream i was frens with billie eilish


disgustang but i had a wet nightmare with that guy from high school that liked me and i *barf emoji* went down on him


a guy was sending me dick pics but i had to answer to someone else so i just sent him a thumbs up emoji and he got very mad and insecure


i saw a dream my school became lgbtq friendly and all the gay kids got gifts and my gift was frikase se katsarola lmao

sometime in 2017 im estimating

i was in the rain going to a bus stop that doesnt actually exist but it was supposedly in chalkida. i was anxious for some reason